Do you have any idea on what could possibly be the things being sold in a tea shop? Well, since we are talking about tea shop here, as what its name implies, the most logical and the most straightforward answer would be, of course, tea. But then again, even if it is true that you can find lots of tea in a tea shop, the said place is not actually limited to just the retail sale of tea.

Due to the recent boom on the side of the internet, there are now so many websites that are opening and this website are acting as tea sellers in the World Wide Web. Some of them pertained to themselves as tea shops while there are also others who called themselves as tea sellers. But then again, albeit their name preference, every single one of them is still carrying tea as their main retail product.

For countries out there such as England and Scotland wherein they considered tea as their national beverage, Kettlgyokuro tea shop, more often than not, are viewed as a tea room. In these normally elegant as well as muted salons, tea is brewed and then served from teapots at the table that has an assortment of light cakes like the Victorian sponge, or perhaps with scones that is served with clotted cream or jam.

The names that we have made mentioned earlier on in this article perfectly describe what a tea shop really is. However, what exactly does the name "tea shop" entails?

As you may have observed, the most common thing that you can see when you enter a tea shop is a shelf or shelves that full of different types and varieties of teas. These teas are sorted as well as classified by varieties, or probably by label, and then the shop will sell the available tea that they have in the market. Alongside the tea itself, there are also other collateral products being sold in a tea shop. The products that we are referring to here are assorted tea sets that come with different types such as tea cups, tea pots, and even saucers. Regardless of whether they are made out of ceramic or porcelain, these tea sets range from the cheapest ones to the most expensive. Other more expensive tea  sets that are being sold at tea shops are the fine-bone china sets.For more facts and information about tea shops, you can go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_tea#Production.